Which Bottle Fills Up First | with ANSWER

Can you tell with explanation which one among the 7 bottles fills up first ?

Which Bottle Fills Up First

This is the next question in the "which one will fill up" series of questions. Look closely on the above image and share if you get the answer.


Bottle 5 will fill up first. Because, there valve has no opening from bottle 1 towards bottle 2. Similarly there is no opening for the pipe connected between pipe 3 to pipe 7.

Another Solution
If we ignore the valve closing on some pipe towards bottle, then bottle 6 would fill up first.

If you have any other answer, submit it as a comment at the bottom of this post with explanation.


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  2. Above are not the satisfying answers. It is very difficult to say which bottle will up first without checking it by actual action. But the question is very intelligent and interesting.

  3. Bottle 3 fill first.when water enter in bottle 1 and reached at opening point the water will go to 3 and when water level will reach at opening pont of bottle 3 it cant go towards 5 because of the presence of air as bottle 5 is last one so air will push back to 3.that is why 3 wil fill first

  4. I say bottle #1 will fills first due to the fact that all bottles are closed with tap except bottles # 1 & 6

  5. Bottle 1 fill up first coz in any instances like that the first one always fill up first before it goes to others

  6. I think water won't flow at all due the air compression...

  7. Aslam bhai and siva have wrecked my evening, thanks.

  8. Aslam bhai and siva have wrecked my evening, thanks.

  9. I think we need to explain what the shaded and unshaded parts of the pipes are how they affect the flow pattern. If it means nothing and pipes are completely hollow, then bottle 5 will be the first to fill up followed by bottle 1, as only those two bottles can get water. However, if the shaded part is not hollow, then water won’t get to bottle 3 at all as it will only fill up the pipe up to where the pipe juxtaposed with the joint pipe, which would mean only bottle1 will get water.

    1. Correction, if pipes are completely hollow, then bottle 5 will fill first, followed by 3 and lastly 1


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