Who Do You Think Shot The Man | with ANSWER

Who do you think shot the man lying on the floor and why?

There are 3 people in the crime scene, who could have shot the man in other room.

1. Women in the cash counter

2. Man paying the cash

3. Man selecting the shirt

Crime scene puzzle. Can you find the answer with explanation? Submit your answers in the comment section at the bottom.


Person no.3


He must have shot by a left hander as the blood is coming from left side. From the image we can see that the person no.3 has a fractired right hand. So it must be him who have shot with left hand.

If you have any other solutions with explanation, then submit it as comment.


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  2. it will be #2, because the lady sit at the counter and #3 is selecting the shirts, only chance is for #2 which could have used the trial room and could have shot him. Right hand person can shoot at the left, not a big deal.

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