Which Glass Has More Water | with Answer

This is a simple question which is easy to solve.
Which glass has more water - A or B or C or D ?

Which Glass Has More Water


Glass B will be having more water. The area for the pin will be lesser compared to a scissor, rubber or watch as we can see clearly from the image.

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This question will be suitable for kids below the age of 15 as solving it will help to improve their mathematical and analytical skills.


  1. Hmmmmm, maybe one has alcohol or other clear substances rather than water......

  2. A is right ans.
    Becouse the scissor is straight.
    Means it is not in water.

  3. I think b the heavier the object the higher the water goes which means technically less water so if u have a small item and what looks like same amount of water it is probably more water ...


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