Muscle Freak Mask Dumbbell Puzzle | with Answer

Muscle Freak Mask Dumbbell Puzzle

Muscle Freak Mask Dumbbell Puzzle

Math Puzzle with Answer. Check for the correct answer and its explanation below.


44 is the answer

Equation 1: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15   (So, Muscle Man = 5)
Equation 2: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9     (So Mask = 3)
Equation 3: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18   (So, Dumbbell = 6 ; Note that here the Dumbbell has 3 rings, so the value of 1 Ring = 2)
Equation 4: (4 + 4) + (5 + 3 + 4) x 3   (In this equation, the Dumbbell has only 2 rings, so the value of Dumbbell = 4 ; Also the Muscle Man is wearing a Mask & holding a Dumbbell)
=> 8 + (12 x 3)
=> 8 + 36
=> 44


  1. that seems illogical.. Just look at the sizes of rings, hence the values couldn't be same.


  2. attention to dumbbells ... The weights are not the same dimensions, so they will not have the same weight! Considering the weight "a" the lightest, "b" the intermediate and "c" the heaviest, we arrive at the following condition 2a <2b <2c where its sum will be 6. Therefore 2a = 1, 2b = 2, 2c = 3
    1 + 2 + 3 = 6
    In the dumbbells of the last row, the pairs "a" are not found, each one is worth (2b + 2c) 5
    That said, the result will be:
    5 + 5 + (5 + 5 + 3) x3 = 49

    1. Not only are the weights of different sizes and therefore are not deducible to any specific numerical value in this example, the bar holding the weights is completely ignored. The answer is wrong. The differing photos are a mistake. The final answer to the puzzle is 54.

    2. Exxxactly & Finally someone (else too ;-) ) is getting The correct answer of hah approximately 49 (that ^ bar-thing should maybe taken in consideration too 😄). 👍

    3. 54 is the correct answer. As the dumble has three different diameter. The weight distribution of the dumble is to be assumed as follows
      Like that one bar with 6 pieces =6.
      If u see the question the weight lifter holding the dumble weight is
      (0+1.0+1.5) +(0+1.0+1.5) =5.0

  3. Watch this youtube video for the correct answer of this puzzle.

  4. Wrong answer. First learn yhe rule of simplification

  5. In my opinion. I would say Músico has the closest possible answer, discs are worth (.5),(1),(1.5). However the handle is not being counted. In order to work, the value of it would have to be zero. Something that is not logical either.
    Although 49 seems what appears to be the right answer. It would be in my opinion an assumption. If the discs were in piles without the handle, I’d say it was irrevocably 49. BTW, the rule of simplification says to perform multiplication before addition if no parenthesis is found.

  6. Ooooops! After going around in circles trying to how assign a logical value to the handle mathematically. Visiting forums and comparing responses. I realized the answer is 44. The value of the discs big or small is assigned. It is not created by an interpretation of a relationship to weight. If you want to assigned zero to the handle is perfectly possible and valid. The only real clue is that we have 6 discs and it’s value adds up to 6. So it is mathematically correct to assign a value of 1 per disc. The units of the puzzle are never mentioned, if they were lbs, kg, or other weight unit, we would be in trouble. I’d love to see the puzzle with an extra line with weights and another value to determine if we should after the right unit theory.

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  10. What about bodybuilder holding the weight

  11. When I have asked people which is more likely to be correct:
    +) Small, medium, and Large dumbbells all having the same 'score' or
    +) The Small_Dumbells =1, Medium_Dumbbells =2, Large_Dumbbells =3 ...

    Everyone (well 80 people) all think the latter is 'more' correct - and asked me to report back to the setter of this problem.


  12. Muscle man=5
    Dum bell ring=2

    With two sets of dumbbells with two rings being side by side, and a man wearing a mask and holding a 2 ringed dumbbell, consider this;


    Because you have a 2 ringed dumbbell so that equals 4. Without having a mathematical symbol between the two you should automatically multiply those two together. So 4(4)=16

    Same process with the man wearing a mask; so 5(3), and holding a 2 ringed dumbbell, so 5(3)(4). 5(3)=15, 15(4)=60

    Following the rules of PEMDAS you do the parenthesis first as shown prior. Then you do all possible multiplication. Since you equation is now 16+60x3= you should multiply 60 and 3, to get 180.

    Now add 16 and 180. Your total is 196.

    You’re welcome. :)

  13. Bylle, thats what I came up with also.


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