How Tall Do You Think The Third Glass Is? - with Answer

 How Tall Do You Think The Third Glass Is?

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Can you find out the height of the Third Glass?

This is a very simple mathematics puzzle. Scroll down to check the correct answer.


14 CM is the correct answer.


Let us assume that the value of FULL GLASS = x
Also Let us assume that the value of GLASS PORTION ABOVE THE GLASS = y


From Equation 1: x + 4y = 34

Equation 2: x + y = 19

From Equation 2:
=> x + y = 19
=> x = 19 - y

Applying the value of 'x' to Equation 1:

=> (19 - y) + 4y = 34
=> 19 + 3y = 34
=> 3y = 15
=> y = 5

So From Equation 1:
=> x + (4x5) = 34
=> x = 34 - 20
=> x = 14

Thus the Value of FULL GLASS, ie. THIRD GLASS = 14 CM


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