Egg Glove Envelop | Find the Crutch - with Answer

 Find The Crutch Brain Teaser with Answer

Can you find out each of the four objects given at the side of the image ?

You have to find an Egg, Glove, Envelop and a Crutch in the image. You can easily find the 3 objects. But in the puzzle itself it is given that "I'm sure you can't find the 4th object."

Scroll down to see the correct answers.


1) Egg: The egg can be seen at the nose of the first person.

2) Glove: The Glove can be seen at the backside of the skirt of lady standing in the middle.

3) Envelope: The envelop can be seen in the wall tile. (In the tile near to the nose of the lady standing in the middle).

Hope you have found these 3 very easily. Now let us see what all are the possible solutions for the 4th object.

4) Crutch: The lady in the middle is standing with the support of holding the crutch. Because since it was a women, it is sure that she is not using the toilet while standing. She is also leaning a little bit towards front which is like standing with the support of a crutch. Also we are not able to see the crutch as, her leg is covering the crutch. 

If you have any other possible solutions, please comment it below.

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