Ithinte Answer Para | Swantham Peru Parayunna Jeevi | 10 Questions with Answers

 10 Funny Questions with Answers

"Chumma irikkuvanel ithinte answer para. Funny Questions...

1. Swantham peru eppozhum parayunna jeevi?
2. Vishappulla rajyam?
3. Urumbinte appante peru?
4. Kazhikkan pattunna niram?
5. Karayum thorum aayusum kuranju varunnathu aarudeyaanu?
6. Kaalum nakhavum undenkilum viral illatha jeevi?
7. Kazhikkan pattunna aana?
8. Perinte koode initial ulla jeevi?
9. Ennum uppilidunna vasthu ethaanu?
10. Maranathinu vare kaaranamayekkavunna kadam ethaanu?"


1. Kakka
2. Hungary
3. Antappan
4. Orange
5. Mezhukuthiri
6. Aana
7. Banana
8. Chimpanzee (Chimpan C)
9. Spoon
10. Apakadam


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