Njan Oru Malayala Vakkaanu. Oru Bhakshana Saadanam. Ennil Pashu Undu | Answer

 Malayalam Kusruthi Chodyam With Answer

"Njan oru Malayala vakkaanu.
Njan oru bhakshana saadanam aanu...
Ennil Pashu undu. Pashu poyaal oppinu vendi upayogikkam...

Enkil njan aaru?

This is one of the latest Malayalam questions circulating among social media groups. Our team tries to solve this kind of puzzle and provide detailed answers. For this question also we have tried hard and came to a solution.

Answer is given below...



As you know 'gothaumb' is the Malayalam word for wheat. The word 'go' or 'gov' is another word used to call cow in Malayalam. 

So, when we remove the word 'go', it becomes 'thumb' which is used for putting signature or thumb impressions.

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