Identify Fruit Name From The Statement | Answer | He found his home lonely...

 Staying home for too long deteriorates your brain. To survive this circuit  breaker...All sentences are solvable.

There is a fruit in each sentence. Just need to identify the fruit from the given statement:-


Question : Did you see a man go by? 

Answer : (Mango)

1. ​He found his home lonely after his dog’s death.

2.​ One dare not rob an anaconda of its prey. 

3.​ The crook made his escape armed with a gem. 

4. ​She told her uncle money was what she needed more. 

5.​ If I go out now, I shall miss my cousin. 

6. ​Either courage or anger made him move swiftly. 

7.​ The beggar held out his cap pleading for money. 

8.​ Matters regarding rape should be dealt differently. 

9. ​The English teacher Ryan teaches French too.


10.​ He saw his papa yawning at work.


11.​ He had kept on his lap lumpsum of money.

12.​ Are classes for Telugu available in this city? 

13.​ It is easy to shape a child rather than a man.  

14. ​He is an extremely cheesy guy. 

15.​ Can I wear a khaki with a black shirt? 

Please try.....👍🏻

Very for brain..the letters are all found next to each other..No need to jump or skip anywhere or separate in the sentence.


1. Melon

2. Banana

3. Pear

4. Lemon

5. Fig

6. Orange

7. Apple

8. Grape

9. Cherry

10. Papaya

11. Plum

12. Guava

13. Peach

14. Lychee

15. Kiwi

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