If I Had 4 Eggs, A Thief Gives Me 3 - with Answer | Riddle | Read carefully

If I Had 4 Eggs - Brain Teaser with Answer

If I Had 4 Eggs, A Thief Gives Me 3

Read carefully and slowly - actually the words: it's a brain exercise!! Only respond if you plan to post and play no party poopers!!
If I had 4 eggs
A thief gives me 3
My farm rooster lays 5 eggs
How many eggs do I have?


0 eggs.

- If had 4 eggs (This sentence is just a probability as the sentance begins with 'If'.
- A thief gives me 3 (It has not mentioned as 3 eggs, it can be anything else)
- My farm rooster lays 5 eggs (Rooster's will not lay egg, as rooster is a male bird)
So I do not have any eggs.


  1. Actually, the correct answer is: "We have no idea how many eggs you have, because it is never stated." You might have 0, or half a dozen, or 6 million without the number being affected by any of the riddle statements.

  2. The riddle is daft. The term "If" presupposes you do rather than you don't have something. To claim a rooster has eggs is daft. It's not a brain teaser, it's stupid.


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