I Had $3.00. My Mom Gave Me $10.00 - with Answer


I had $3.00.

My mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00.

My aunt and uncle gave me $100.00. 

I had another $5.00. 

How much did I have?

Can you solve the above math brain teaser? 

Check for the correct answer below...


The answer is $8

In the question, the time of the tense is past. So actually how much money did he have before mom, dad, uncle, and aunt gave, which is $3 + $5 = $8

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  1. The time tense is also past tense in "I had $3.00 and " I had another 5" One could argue since you no longer have it How much you "have" Is only what your parents and uncle gave you. So how much you have is $140.00!


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