30 Thenga Veethamulla 3 Chaakku | with Answer

Malayalam IQ Puzzle with Answer

coconut gate puzzle

"30 thenga veethamulla 3 chaakku.
Oral 30 gate kadannu kondu pokanam.
Oro gatilum oro chaakinu oro thenga veetham kodukkanam.
30 gatum kazhinjal ayaalude chaakkil ethra thenga baakki undaakum ???"

"25 Thenga"

- After passing 10 gates, each sack will be having 20 coconuts each.
- 20 coconuts from the 3rd sack will be distributed to 1st & 2nd sach respectively (10 each)
- After passing 15 more gates, there will be 15 each coconuts left in both sacks.
- All 15 coconuts from 2nd sack will be transferred to the 1st sack.
- After passing the last 5 gates, a total of 25 coconuts will be left over.

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