Someone's mom has 4 sons - With Answer

Someone's mom has 4 sons - WhatsApp trending puzzle with Answer

Someone's mom has 4 sons

Someone's mom has 4 sons,
North, West, and South.
What is the name of the fourth son.

Reply to this post with the correct name of the fourth son. if you lose, you have to repost this.

This (Someone's mother has 4 sons riddle) is one of the trending puzzle which has become viral worldwide. Solving these types of puzzle questions will help you in cracking the aptitude test rounds in interviews and other competitive exams as well.

Hint: Since this is a tricky question, obviously the answers in not 'East'. Read the question carefully and try to guess the answer correctly. Check for the right answer below.


'What' - is the name of the fourth son. ( It is not a question).

Watch the explanation video for the 'Someones mother has 4 sons' puzzle.

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  1. "What" is the name of Fourth son. Because this sentence does not come with Question Mark (??) so.. it is not a question.. It is answer

  2. The answer could also be Someone. The ' before the s makes the word Someone possessive, hence it is his mom.

  3. What because it doesn't have a question mark although it could be a typo and someone could be the fourth son

  4. Either "Someone" is an acceptable answer, or it's not a question, so there is no answer.


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