Who Can Drink First? | with Answer

Can you answer which among the 4 person will drink first? Look the image closely and guess the answer with explanation in the comments section.

Check for the correct answer below and share it with your friends.


2 will drink first.

The pipe is blocked at the tip of person 3's cup.
Person 4 will not get the tea, as the beginning part of pipe towards cup 4 is blocked. Person 2 also will not get the tea as the middle portion of the pipe towards person 1 is blocked. So person 2 will drink the tea.


  1. Actually the person Pouring has the choice to dribk first. So two is wrong also

  2. 3 is the right answer because 2 will not see the drink for a while because there is another tank under it even restricted flow still it will take some time while the tank on 3 is smaller in volume no restrictions under U.S.

  3. the person pouring the drink can drink first

  4. All the cups are closed. No one will drink


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