Chinese Couple - Bag - Suitcase Puzzle | with ANSWER

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Solve the equation and find the value of  '?'

Chinese couple equation

Check for the right answer below.


21 is the answer.
Brown Suitcase = 5 (As per the equation 5 + 5 + 5 = 15)

Yellow suitcase = 6 (As per the equation, ((6x2) + 6 + 6) = 24
Note: There is another yellow suitcase behind the first yellow suitcase

Chinese couple = 3 (As per the equation, ((3x6) + (3x6) + (3x6)) = 30
Note: There is a yellow bag (6) in the had of the Chinese women.

There are several answer's and explanations for this question. The above is our explanation. If you have any other answers, please submit in the comments section with explanation.


  1. Your explanation to the Chinese couple is wrong. Look again!! The couple explanation is incorrect. Try again.

  2. 6+10*4=46 but whats with last couple and tie around his neck??

  3. Nope. There are three solutions if all of the images represent natural numbers.
    Couple with scarf=y
    Couple without scarf=x
    Yellow bag=6 (4x6=24)
    Brown satchel=5(5x3)=15
    Final equation: 6+10x=t (because there are one bag + two satchels multiplied by a couple without the scarf, and t= the unknown)

    Couple with scarf > couple without the scarf - y>x

    1. x=1, then y=10, then t=16
    2. x=2, then y=8, then t=26
    3. x=3, then y=6, then t=36
    4 x=4, then y=4, but it is impossible because y cannot equal x, as y>x.

    IF y and x are natural - we have only three solutions. If y and x are irregular there is an infinite set of solutions


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