Guess the Indian Food Dishes - with Answer

Guess the names of these Indian food dishes... 

This is really tough... Let's see who cracks it.

All the items are popular Indian food items. Try to solve by reading the smileys and letters together. If you can't solve it, check for the right answers below and share it with your friends.

Indian food dishes


  1. Kadhahi Paneer.
  2. Dum Aalu.
  3. Shahi Paneer.
  4. Lachchha Paratha.
  5. Butter Nan
  6. Chana Masala.
  7. Paneer Butter Masala.
  8. Malai Kofta.
  9. Mix Veg.
  10. Tomato Soup.
  11. Matar Pulav.
  12. Rasmalai.
  13. Masala Papad.
  14. Plain Nan

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