WhatsApp Viral Puzzles Collection 2020 - with Answers

Here is a collection of WhatsApp Puzzles which went viral. Solve it if you dare and share it with friends. Check for the answers below each questions.

1) Will You Crack The Code

Can you fill these boxes correctly to solve the lock code puzzle ?

042 is the code to open the lock

2) Rearrange DOHLAROAC to get the correct word

Can you arrange DOHLAROAC to form a meaningful word?

There are two answers:

1) Aldo Rocha - It is the name of a Mexican footballer.
2) Racal Hood - It is a protective suit with powered air-purifying respirator

3) Which Tank Will Be Full First?


The tank 3 will fill first, as the connecting pipe to 4 is upwards.

4) Solve This Murder Case (Challenge)

Near Mumbai: A man was found murdred on 9-11-2016 wednesday afternon at 12.35pm in his house...... His wife called police at 3:23pm..

Police questioned everyone..
Wife: I was sleeping..
Son: I went for movies with my gf
Neighbours: We went 4 the marriage..
Driver: I went to ATM withdraw cash..
Cook: I went to Wine shop to buy Wine..
Gardener: I was in garden the whole time. I didn't hear anything
Watch Man: I went to My relative's Marriage..

Police arrested the murderer immediately..♿▫
Who was it? ❓❔
"Reply if u r brilliant with correct reason"

Driver is the culprit (No ATM withdrawal on November 9th 2016 in India)

5) Rearrange AHMPABJA to get the correct word

ABP Majha. It is a Marathi news website.

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