6 sawal 6 Challenges - with Answers

Can you answer these collection of 6 very interesting riddles ?

  1. Who’s birthday does not came every year?
  2. What does not get dry in sunlight, it even grows?
  3. Which fruit is sweet but still not available for sale in market?
  4. What brakes as soon as you name it?
  5. What is that which runs without legs and never returns back?
  6. Which fish can not swim in sea? 

Above Questions In Hindi

  1. Kis Shakhs Ka Birthday Har Saal Nahi Aata?
  2. Dhoop Me Kya Chiz Nahi Sukh Sakti?
  3. Kon Sa fal Mitha Hone Ke Bawjud Sale Nahi Hota?
  4. Konsi Chiz Hai JisKa Naam Lo to Wo Tut Jati Hai?
  5. Wo Kon Hai Jo Bager Pair Ke Bhagta Hai or lot Kar Nahi Aata?
  6. Kon si Machli Samandar me Nahi Tair Sakati?


Answers in English

  1. The one who is born on 29th Feb.
  2. Sweat (Paseena)
  3. The fruit of patience (Sabra ka fal mitha hota hai)
  4. Silence
  5. Time (Waqt)
  6. The Fish which is Dead

Answers in Hindi

  1. Wo jiska Bithday 29 Feb ko hua ho.
  2. Paseena
  3. Sabr ka Fal
  4. Khamoshi
  5. Samay
  6. Mari hui Machli

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