Which tank will be full first? -with Answer

Logical Riddle: Can you answer with explanation on "Which tank will fill first" ?


The tank 3 will be full first, as the connecting pipe to 4 is upwards.


  1. Hi. I really like the your puzzles !!! Can you tell me where you originally got this puzzle from ?
    I believe the simple answer is: If the tap water flow is higher the drain water flow then tank #1 will fill up first. If tap water flow is lower or equal do drain water flow then tanks #3 and #4 will fill up at the same time. I am considering full tank as full to the top top right before overflow...

  2. Replies
    1. But since the connecting pipe to 4 is upwards, water will start flowing to tank 4 only when 3 is almost full. So probably 3 will fill first.

  3. 3 will start filling up first but will fill upto about 95% upto where the connecting pipe connects....3 does not fill more than the connecting pipe which is lower than the brim.... However tank 4 starts filling up later and fills up and spills over the brim just as tank 2 starts to fill up


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