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-13 is the Answer
According to BODMAS Rule:
3-(3x6)+2 (First we calculate multiplication or division)
(3-18)+2 (Since addition and subtraction has equal priority, we calculate in the order from beginning)
-15 +2
= -13


  1. Think of it as money coming in and out of your bank account...

    If you have $3 and make a charge of $18, then you have -$15 in your account. Then adding $2 makes it overdrawn -$13.

    BEDMAS can confuse people. The acronym is to remember the order of the components, but you still have to remember the entire list of rules.

    Division and Multiplication
    *(in the order they occur)
    Addition and Subtraction
    *(in the order they occur).

    I was taught to do all the parenthesis then exponents, then insert brackets around the division & multiplication so it kept things in order.

    So the equation is expressed as such

    3 - 3 x 6 + 2
    = 3 - (3 x 6) +2

    Then you remember to do the equations inside brackets first, left to right, in the order they occur.

    = 3 - (18) + 2

    Then, since addition and subtraction are EQUAL, you do them IN ORDER, left to right.

    = (3 - 18) + 2
    = (-15) + 2
    = (-13)

  2. You are almost correct except for one mistake. BODMAS must be taken literally. You went wrong on the last part...MAS = Multiply, Add, Subtract. (ADD first, then SUBTRACT). = 3-18+2 = 3-20 = -17

    1. hmm. no
      When it comes to multiply/divide or add/subtract you work from left to right.


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