WhatsApp to introduce video calling

It is expected to release the latest version of WhatsApp soon with a video calling functionality. This update will bring a tough competition to Skype and Facetime for iOS users.

Some features currently not available in WhatsApp (2015)

  • No video calling
  • Not able to send files other than audio / video
  • No encryption for messages sent
  • The maximum allowd users in a single group is currently limited to 100
  • No stickers available

Now this update will bring the one of the most lacking or anticipated functionality in WhatsApp. It is roumered that the new feature release will be there somewhere in January 2016. This update will also help WhatsApp to acquire new users who would like to try video calling from one of the most popular chatting app.

Also users will expect the new feature to work with low data usage, so that they can make a video call even with a 2G data speed. Another current competition is from the Facebook messenger app, where video calling is possible with very low data usage.

How to make WhatsApp video call will depend upon the new user interface after the update.  

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