Whatool App - Perform advanced searches within WhatsApp

Whatool is an innovative iOS app which enables users to make advanced searches within your WhatsApp Messenger, Line and Viber chats. Even though there is a built-in search option in WhatsApp messenger, it is limited to particular group or conversations and doesn't have advanced search options. But using Whatool, you can search by date, sender and by message content.

How to use Whatool 

After installing Whatool, you need to import the conversations into Whatool. Then you will be able to search by:

  • text
  • date: between two dates, from a date or to a date
  • subject: search messages by sender.
Currently Whatool is available only in iOS platform, Whatool for Android is not available. But we expect soon it wil be released in Android as well as in Windows platforms.

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