WhatsApp Broadcast Message: How to Send

WhatsApp broadcast is a less used but very useful feature in the messenger. This broadcast feature is used to send messages to multiple persons in the contact list simultaneously.

The difference between using a WhatsApp group & broadcast is that, the members of a group can send message to each other and everyone else will be able to access it. But in the case of a broadcast the owner of the broadcast group will be able to send message to a group of people privately.

How to send a broadcast message through WhatsApp

Step 1: From the more options menu at the top right section in WhatsApp, select “New Broadcast List”

Step 2: You can add the required persons from the contacts list, who are expected to receive the broadcast messages.

Step 3: Now if you send a message through the newly created Broadcast, all the added contacts will receive the message. You can reuse that broadcast list again for sending the message to that same group of people. Also you can give a specific name to a broadcast.

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