Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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How many tigers in the picture?

Find out how many tigers are there in the below picture.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Find the word puzzle

. SOLVE PUZZLE......��

�� I am a 5 letter word.
�� I am normally below u
�� If u remove my 1st letter
�� u'll find me above u
�� If u remove my 1st & 2nd letters �� u cant see me

��Answer is really very interesting
Let us see who solves this.......


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Find the dog's name!

Use ur brain..
Crack d below question ..

Mr. Aamir went to the Market with his Dog..
He rode on a horse to the Market, but walked till market.
The horse's name was Chetak and dog was from australia ....
What is the Name of the Dog  that went to the Market??
If you Get the Answer, Your IQ is off the Hook,
This is an IAS question
Solve this, if u r brilliant.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

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IAS exam question - with Answer

Ram Lal works in a mithai shop.
The shop address is :-
78, Pahad Gunj, Old Delhi.
He is very fat.
His height is 5ft 1 inch only.
His waist is 42 inches.
He wears shoes size 7.
What does he weigh?......
Not easy... Use your common sense!
Lt see whos genius


Mithai, as he works in a mithai shop

For more WhatsApp Puzzles 

Friday, July 24, 2015

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Number Puzzle - whatsApp Forward

Let see who can crack this;


Time to check your intellect... All the best!

Give logic also
Solve this

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Mental Hospital - WhatsApp Joke

In a "Mental Hospital" a journalist asks the Doctor: How do u determine whether to admit a mental patient or not?

Dr: Well..we'd fill a bathtub�� with water & then give

a  teaspoon,

a glass &

a bucket

to the patient & ask them to empty the bathtub��.

Journalist: Oh, obviously a normal person would use the bucket coz its bigger.

Dr: "No, a normal person would pull the drain plug!
Please go to bed No.39. We will start further investigations on you!"

You also thought of the bucket, didn't you?? Please go to bed No. 40 ! ������

Forward quickly... There are still some beds available !!!������������

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Can u CRACK THE LOGIC ...???

Question of IIT-B

If  1 1 1 1= R
    2 2 2 2= T
    3 3 3 3= E
    4 4 4 4= N
    5 5 5 5= ?

Challenge all master brains!
Must reply

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Check Microwave Radiation Leakage

When was the last time you checked your microwave for radiation
leakage? Yes, I did say radiation leakage, because any microwave can start leaking radiation any time, for whatever reasons. And such a
leakage is hazardous to humans and pets in the house.

You don't need to call in experts or to send your microwave to the
dealer's workshop for a leakage test. That's time consuming,
inconvenient and costly. Here's how you can test your microwave for
radiation leakage, right in your own house, at no cost. Just follow
these simple steps >>>

1.   Switch-off and un-plug the microwave from the electrical socket.
2.   Place your mobile phone inside the microwave and shut the door.
3.   Using another mobile phone, dial the phone that's inside the microwave.
4.   If the outside phone says "the number you are dialling is not
reachable, or is out of coverage area, or is switched off; then your
microwave is safe.
5.   But if the phone inside the microwave lights up and rings, your
microwave is leaking radiation. Just throw away the damn thing and get
a new one. (Believe me, the medical treatment of the side-effects of
radiation leaks is costlier than the price of maybe 10 new

Remember, just because the door of your microwave appears to shut
properly does not conclusively mean that it is not leaking radiation.
Stay safe, and test your microwave regularly at frequent intervals;
the frequency of testing depending on the extent of usage, and you are
the best judge of that.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

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WhatsApp Joke - Best Engineering College

Parents asked watchman, of an engineering college...
"Is this a good college?"
watch man: "probably the best. I did my engineering here & got  campus placement. :)

Friday, July 10, 2015

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WhatsApp Like - All you want to know

WhatsApp Like: 

According to reports from WhatsApp beta tester Ilhan Pektas, the WhatsApp service could soon feature a 'Like' button.

This would allow users to give the thumbs up to content posted on the app.

The 'Like' button could also allow you to send a short reply to simple messages and help communicate more quickly in group chats. It might also help to show the popularity of a WhatsApp message.

Mark as unread in WhatsApp:

Another possible feature coming to WhatsApp is a “Mark as unread” option, which would work in a similar way to your email.

After you have read a WhatsApp message, you could mark it as unread so that the notification again shows and probably the blue tick might turn back to grey tick in WhatsApp.

Monday, July 6, 2015

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Rearrange the spelling: Whatsapp Puzzle with Answer

Challenge 4 u!
These 8 things most people see daily in their life.
Rearrange the spelling and answer.
6. Etdbehes
7 hpastawp
8 hulgisnt
Charge yr brain and c if u can answer it .👍
Not so easy 😊

1. Wall Clock
2. Facebook
3. Ceiling Fan
4. Mobile Screen
5. Mirror Glass
6. Bedsheet
7. WhatsApp
8. Sunlight

Sunday, July 5, 2015

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Whatool App - Perform advanced searches within WhatsApp

Whatool is an innovative iOS app which enables users to make advanced searches within your WhatsApp Messenger, Line and Viber chats. Even though there is a built-in search option in WhatsApp messenger, it is limited to particular group or conversations and doesn't have advanced search options. But using Whatool, you can search by date, sender and by message content.

How to use Whatool 

After installing Whatool, you need to import the conversations into Whatool. Then you will be able to search by:

  • text
  • date: between two dates, from a date or to a date
  • subject: search messages by sender.
Currently Whatool is available only in iOS platform, Whatool for Android is not available. But we expect soon it wil be released in Android as well as in Windows platforms.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

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WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature now available for Windows Phone

WhatsApp Messenger has already updated voice calling feature for Android as well as for iOS phones. But the Windows phone users were waiting eagerly for the last few months to get this update.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has got the voice call feature and currently a brand new version of WhatsApp has popped-up in the phone store. So, those who use Microsoft’s mobile platform on their device can now pick up this update.

WhatsApp hasn’t provided a change log for this new release, but its heard that that the app comes with significant speed improvements that make the app feel faster on any Windows Phone device.

As WhatsaApp is very popular now in India, this update will definitely boost the sale of Microsoft mobile devices in the coming months which was lagging behind the competitors in the market.

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