Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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How to turn off WhatsApp Blue Tick

Step 1: Update / install the latest version of WhatsApp. Blue Tick can be disabled for WhatsApp with versions 2.11.444 and above.
Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Then select the option Account

Step 4: Then go to the option Privacy

Step 5: And finally, unselect Read receipts at the bottom of that page.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

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Top 15 WhatsApp Group Names

Here is a list of WhatsApp group names. This is the first set and will update with more names in coming days. 
  • Master Minds
  • Let Us Talk
  • Machaans
  • Flaming Tigers
  • I think – U Think – V Think
  • Mind Bogglers
  • Midnight Express
  • Quick Silver
  • Hardiezz
  • Tech Express
  • Chat Room
  • eTalk

Hi readers, you can also give WhatsApp group name suggestions in the comment box.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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WhatsApp Smiley Categories

WhatsApp has a large and unique set of smileys or emoticons. It is classified into 5 different sets such as People Emoticons, Nature Emoticons, Objects Emoticons, Places Emoticons and Symbols Emoticons.

1) People Emoticons

2) Nature Emoticons

3) Objects Emoticons

4) Places Emoticons

5) Symbols Emoticons

There is also another section in the category menu at the top. That is the last used Emoticons.

Emoticons in WhatsApp for iOS
Currently WhatsApp does not included emoticons for iPhone by default. But the iOS users can get emoticons by using emoji keyboard.

Emoticons in WhatsApp for Android.
Emoticons are present in Android versions by default. It can be accessed by pressing the smiley symbol on the top left corner in the keyboard.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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WhatsApp Server and Privacy - WhatsApp Security

When you install WhatsApp messenger, all your contacts will be uploaded to the WhatsApp server. It takes every contacts regardless of the fact whether the person in the address book is a Whatsapp user or not. This enables to quickly update the contacts list in the messenger.

This is a major WhatsApp security concern as in the case if the server is hacked, the hacker will get access to all the contacts stored in their server, even though this information is stored in encrypted format and will not store any other details associated with the phone number.

Privacy of Messages or Files Sent Through WhatsApp
WhatsApp does not copy nor store the messages sent through its messaging system. Even if the recipient is not connected to the internet and haven't received the message, the undelivered messages will be kept in WhatsApp servers and may be stored in those servers for up to 30 days. After this period of time, messages are deleted; and from that moment on messages will only be stored in the emitter’s and the recipient’s devices. But they may store the date and time of delivered messages, as well as the mobile phone numbers of the devices involved.

WhatsApp states that files that are sent using WhatsApp service are kept in their servers only for a short period of time. After this time they are finally eliminated according to their “general retention policies”.

Another major WhatsApp privacy concern is that a user does not need to send a friend request to send messages to another user, anyone having phone number could send message to any other person. However, users can block numbers on WhatsApp.

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